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Monopoly - City of Lagos Edition...

Monopoly - City of Lagos Edition Now Available on the OH SHOP!

Love Lagos? Love Money? Love Monopoly? Buy the new City of Lagos edition! Treat yourself to the first African version of the family favourite board game! Explore Lagos, become the wealthiest player and own the city in no time making yourself a certified Lagos Monopoly Millionaire. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy this exclusively new board game!

The City of Lagos is Africa’s fastest growing metropolis. Its entry into the internationally acclaimed Monopoly family underscores its unique status as an emerging mega-city. Lagos has a rich cultural heritage dating back to the18th century and is home to over twenty million people. It is poised to become Africa’s most populous city by 2015.

Explore the City of Lagos through this edition of Monopoly, which captures the essence of Nigeria’s industrial, commercial and financial hub as the nation’s most vibrant city.As you arrive at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, you are struck by the energy and enterprise of Nigeria’s people, and greeted with a mix of modern edifices and traditional buildings from its colonial past. The aquatic splendour of the city is richly complemented by its endowment with several creeks and inland waterways including Five Cowry Creek, the Lagos Lagoon and idyllic sandy beaches dotted along its coastline.

The City of Lagos edition provides an exceptional city tour. It embraces the rich diversity of the city’s exciting offerings and highlights the extent to which it has evolved over several decades. You can now play this classic game with Lagos’ street names and some of the City’s most recognizable landmarks. Savour a piece of the true magic that the City of Lagos exudes, and experience its high energy and fast pace. At the same time you will learn about Lagos from real estate and historical perspectives whilst identifying with some of Nigeria’s iconic corporate brands that are an integral part of daily life, including First Bank, GTbank and Peak.

The city has several state of the art event venues including The City Hall and The Muson Centre. Watch your favourite movies at Silverbird Cinemas and shop till you drop at The Palms Shopping Mall. Don’t forget to treat yourself to authentic Nigerian cuisine and surround yourself with the rich art and cultural heritage, which are the hallmark of Terra Culture. Other leading brands prominently featured in the game include Quintessence. FSDH, Mansard Insurance, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble and The Wheatbaker.

Find your favourite hotspot, roll the dice and build your property empire from Banana Island in Ikoyi, to Ikeja in this special edition of the world’s most famous board game. Welcome aboard!

Available while stocks last from the OH Shop! Grab your game today!

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