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Uganda: Democracy in Peril?

Controversy is brewing in Uganda over an army general who has demanded an investigation into an alleged assassination plot linked to longtime President Yoweri Museveni’s purported succession plan.  Ugandan General David Sejusa, reportedly living in exile, after he said his life was threatened, is calling for a probe of President Museveni’s reputed plan to hand over power to his son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba.  Critics of Museveni say the sudden rise of Muhoozi, the first son of the president, to the position of the Special Forces Group commander in the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces was part of Museveni’s succession plan.  But a Special Forces spokesman recently denied the existence of such a plan.


Is the controversial plan a major challenge to democratic rule in the East African nation?  Be sure to join us for this live 60 minute television and radio call-in simulcast when host Shaka Ssali and his guests discuss the controversy. 



Tweaked Question of the Week


If a government official that has sworn allegiance to his sovereign state allegedly reveals classified information, are they a traitor or a patriot?  If so, why?

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