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Womenz World

Join Pastor Abbiih Oloyede and friends on Womenz World. This excited new live show is an avenue for expression by women from all walks of life.  This topical programme will aim to address the daily occurrences in the lives of women as Girls, Sisters, Friends, Aunties, Mummies or Professional women. Though of the same gender, every woman always has something she wants to accomplish at every stage of her life. Each week these inspirational women discuss a hot topic on Womenz World, exploring the many different aspects of modern female life and how they can overcome any obstacles in their path.

The aim of Womenz World is to inspire and inform women from all walks of life to maximise their potential, overcome adversity and become leaders in their spheres of influence. Through discussion forums and life stories, our special guests will bring these principles to life and empower viewers to be problem solvers and positive influencers


Viewers make contact after the show via the email and on the facebook page. Do you want the website link to be put on the website along with the contact email?


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