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Wednesday 20th July 2016
Serena Williams once again wins Women's singles at Wimbledon making it her 7th time. Whilst celebrating her triumph, she recognised and presented her heartbreak due to the police brutality of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile as she questions “when will something be done?”. These are two of the most recent killings of young black males by  the police making it 136 this year. As well as being a light in the black community she is also a role model to females across the world. 
This iconic image highlights her as the icon for black female power. The image has been compared to John Carlos’ black power fist after winning at the Olympic games in 1968. Once again, she shows strength at a particularly straining time on the black community especially in the USA. 
Williams features on Beyonce's visual album 'Lemonade' where she dances to 'Sorry' which preaches strength and undeniable confidence, both of which are perfectly represented by Serena. She often receives criticism from who say her success is due to the fact that she’s “built like a man.” However her understanding that “not everyone’s going to like the way [you] look” is a message to be taken by not just black females but 
all females.
Serena continues to win as a fashion designer, author and of course number one female tennis player. 

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