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Tuesday 19th July 2016



Just a little under a month ago Britain was voting whether to leave or stay in the European Union and now they have had to welcome a new prime minister; Theresa May. A woman has been compared to Britain's first female Prime Minister, the iron lady.


Although her first speech was almost left wing and appreciated by ethnic minorities, May later she boldly states "Brexit means brexit." It is clear she's serious and not willing to negotiate with the 48% of voters that are opposed to the verdict. Just as expected of Conservatives, immigration is number one on her list to cut down on.


As she chose who would be in the new government, Britain was surprised once again as Boris Johnson was appointed as the foreign secretary. Critics have suggested that foreign secretary shouldn’t be given politician who has made racially offensive comments in the past, on of his most recent being describing Obama as a "part-kenyan President" with an "ancestral dislike of Britain."


As a seemingly pro-Cameron conservative member, the new PM has made a point of filling her government of previous competitors with Cameron such as Boris Johnson and David Davis. Furthermore she sacks Cameron’s right hand man, George Osborne with no regrets, leaving Britain to question her loyalty.


Written by Kemi Adeeko. For More infromation on this story visit:



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