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Tuesday 19th July 2016


The Zimbabwean economy has been suffering for a number of months but now the people of Zimbabwe have had enough. An inspirational video from pastor Evan Mawarire has started a social media movement where the hashtag ‘#thisflag’ has gone viral amongst the workers. This movement has moved on to streets with mostly peaceful protests from young activists but problems continued to occur.


The failure of the economy drastically affect families as nurses and teachers have not been paid since July and taxi drivers are tired of extortion at police points. At this tipping point Mawarire called for ‘ZimShutdown2016’; another hashtag that rallied workers for a 2 day national strike on the 13th and 14th July from schools, businesses and shops. These protests will continue until the government meets their five demands. The demands include:


● payment of civil servants on time

● reduce roadblocks and stop officers harassing people for cash

● President Robert Mugabe should fire and prosecute corrupt officials

● plans to introduce bond notes to ease a cash shortage should be abandoned

● Remover ban on imported goods


Unfortunately the government if unable to meet these demands due to the lack of resources. To resolve this they have called for help from World Bank, African Development Bank and IMF for emergency fund. Alternate options include to introduce ‘bond notes’ as a substitute that would have no value outside of Zimbabwe or they could scrap the current currency all together and create a new one. This, however, would create shame due to their lack of financial independence.


Despite the current trials faces, the country is stilled with passion and hope for an upcoming change.


Wriiten By Kemi Adeeko. For more information on this story visit:

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