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Recently the hash tag #Flexinmycomplextion has been taking over twitter where darker skin toned girls across the globe have been posting pictures of themselves. Why? Because when you type ‘beautiful skin’ into Google, the Internet throws up images of beautiful white women. 

#Flexinmycomplextion may have also been taken in the wrong way to other races, as it may have come across that the hashtag is used to only used to appreciate darker skin toned in girls, when in fact it was used to give those women a voice.  The ultimate goal is diversity, not exclusion.

It's great that people of all colours want to get involved and show support - and they shouldn't be criticised for it - but anyone who uses the hashtag needs to know what it really means.

#FlexinMyComplexion isn't racist, nor is it deliberately excluding anyone. It's just a social media movement that's borne out of good intentions and is trying to make brands, and the rest of the world, to recognise that beautiful skin doesn't just come in one colour.


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