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Sandra Bland, an African American woman was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, on July 13, 2015.

It was reported by police that she had hung herself in her jail cell; following this there were disputes of her cause of death, alleged racial violence against her.

Sandra Bland was arrested for a minor traffic violation, three days later it was reported to the world that she had commit suicide. The ongoing deliberation have people from all over the world fighting for her justice, as they believe the police are failing to tell the truth about her death and are masking it with explanations such as, having cannabis in her system leading her to make thoughtless decisions.

Now conspiracy theories have emerged on social media, suggesting the Chicago woman may have been dead when her mug shot was taken. Others have raised suspicions after apparent inconsistencies were spotted in her arrest documents.

Some said the shadow on the surface behind Bland's head and the positioning of her shoulders showed she may have been lying on the floor, rather than sitting up straight. Others questioned why her mugshot was not taken in the clothes she was arrested in. Only one mugshot, showing Bland facing forwards, was initially released by Waller County Jail. When it was questioned why a second, side-on shot was not taken, as is usually the case, police released a second but it appears to be too dark to be decipherable.

According to Bland’s documents, officers on duty didn’t believe she was of suicidal risk after she completed her risk assessment form.

Bland had lacerations and abrasions on her wrists that could have been received when she was handcuffed during her arrest, he said. She also had about 30 healing cuts on her left arm that occurred two to four weeks before, he said. An attorney for the Bland family, Cannon Lambert, before Diepraam’s press conference called the autopsy “defective”.






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