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Friday 10th July 2015

-1st August, Willen Lake Milton Keynes-

The petition to ‘cancel Kanye Wests headline slot and get a rock band’ has reached 134,285 signatures (and counting)…shocking.  A great number of the British public still do not believe that hip-hop music deserves a place in a festival let alone a headline spot. Something had to be done about this, which is why CurbanA- a new festival that celebrates Urban Arts and Culture was born.

This lack of respect for the urban music means that the urban scene is denied from having mainstream presence yet much more credit is clearly due. CurbanA was birthed because of this reason. The young organisers behind it are on a mission to make it clear that ‘Urban sees no colour-just creative innovation’ and that it deserves to be valued and respected as much as any other genre would be. Meanwhile they believe that Britain needs to wake up and embrace its own homegrown urban culture-it needs to realise how much impact the urban scene is having.  The scene has had endless success to date, from Independent London Rapper Stormzy almost hitting the top 40 chart mark with his debut single ‘Know Me From’ whilst Krept and Konan set the iTunes chart with their album, ‘The Long Way Home’ by sales of preorders alone- this should not go unrecognised.

With an exciting diverse line-up recently being announced, which boasts names such as DJ Logan Sama, dance group Flawless and renowned headliners So Solid Crew, it is clear that the 1st August is going to be the a celebration that many of us have been waiting for. The location is set in leafy Willen Lake Park, Milton Keynes- just an hour away from many cities including our own which means that we can expect a diverse crowd of 3500 Urban music lovers from all corners. 

“CurbanA ‘Celebration of urban arts’ will be an annual festival bringing together thousands of people to bare witness to a celebration of accomplishments, growth and innovation of the highly active urban arts industries Music, Fashion, Dance and arts. Combining stages and vast attractions to showcase a unique line up of international performers, DJ’s, Fashion brands, Dance groups, Street artists and even the UK’s largest mobile street market.”- Dwayne Miller, Co-founder, CurbanA

It is time that we stand up and give urban artists a platform that they deserve and give the people the art in its purest and rawest format no pressure for a rock and roll spin or pop dilution. Just absorbing all elements of urban music as it is.  We have waited so long for this. It’s finally here. CurbanA



-CurbanA to be the biggest Multi industry Urban culture festival in the UK by 2020

-Draw 50,000 people across 2 days by 2020 

-Largest recruiter of 18-24 Uni/School leavers in the UK 

-Launch CurbanA fund, to invest in projects that improve the urban culture industries (Music, street art, fashion, dance) 

Join CurbanA on their mission to #GoGreenForUrbanCulture

Date:Saturday 1st August 2015


Location:Willen Lake Milton Keynes




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