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It's going to be a hot and sizzling at OHTV this summer.

There will be a warm front jam-packed with music, UPRISING from EUROPE and aroud the UK.
From the USA, we expect some smoky-clouds currently COOKING from the NAIJA BITES kitchen.
Don't catch a cold as you go OUT AND ABOUT with Lola, instead catch a dose of LASTING LOVE and WOMENZ WORLD as we keep you laughing throughout the SUMMER with never-seen-before COMEDY from live shows gathering from Europe and Africa.

Don't miss an episode as you can catch-up on us on the UN1TY app whilst on Holiday and you can also add the UN1TY SMART STICK to your gadget collection and watch us in Higher Definition on TV anywhere in the world.

Let us know where you watched us ths SUMMER and if your jollof-rice cooking has improved.

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