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About OH

OH TV is an international TV network providing contemporary entertainment, which reflects the black experience worldwide. Now based at Docklands Business Centre 10 - 16 Tiller Road, Docklands in East London, the OH TV Network consists of OH UK, OH AFRICA, OH USA, (broadcast via UN1TY TV, an IPTV player and app) OH CREATIVE, OH FILMS, OH SHOP and 2GETHER MAGAZINE. 

Our Ethos

The OH TV Network delivers family friendly, ethical programming which is innovative, inspirational, authentic and entertaining; speaking directly to people from across the international black diaspora.

Focused but not Exclusive – At OH TV, our focus is on delivering black programming that encourages everyone (black and non-black) to watch our content, experience our culture and discover our stories. We believe our programmes and initiatives are focused but never exclusive.

Our Audience

Launched in 2008, the OH TV Network reaches millions of people per month via its international platform and over 400,000 via the UN1TY platform. The OH TV Network has a core demographic of 18-35 year olds; however through our various programmes we also target families via our films and ‘Kids shows’, Churchgoers with our Ministry Programming and 35+ through our documentaries, business and news initiatives. We have a 360 degree approach to delivering programming and content development for our global audience.


At OH TV we have a variety of flagship shows, which reinforce our brand ethos and speak to our international audience.

Our flagship programmes for 2016 include:

  • Naija Bites
  • Uprise Music TV
  • Marcy Project
  • Nectar
  • Ministry Day
  • At Home With Joselyn Dumas
  • OH Music
  • Career Nuggets

New to OH TV in 2016 are our home grown and international shows including:

  • Theo and Agnes
  • Adam's Apples Season 2
  • Marcy Project
  • New Uprise Music Show
  • Career Nuggets Season 2
  • Nectar Season 2
  • Lekki Wives Season 3

To learn more about any of our shows go to PROGRAMMING for the full show synopsis.

If you have a show that you would like to commission on OH TV contact us via the information on the Contacts Page.

Channels, Satellites & Frequencies



Satellite: Eurobird 1

Orbital Location: 28.5º East

Transponder: C2U

Downlink Frequency: 11260

Polarity: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 27.5 Msys/s

FEC: 2/3.


Available on UN1TY app and HDMI dongle. 

The App is available for Smart TVs, Smart Phones, PCs, Apple MACs, and can be downloaded from IOS and Android mobile device app stores.

The UN1TY HDMI dongle is a portable device, smaller than most mobile phones that fits easily in the palm of the users hand

For further info visit: 


OH TV USA: Available on the UN1TY APP –